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Educational Administrative expertise

Stephen Patterson, based in Dallas Texas, has been an educational administrator since the early ’00’s, and has provided the Texas area with invaluable service. Stephen Patterson began his administrative experience after earning his doctorate in educational administration. This degree sparked his career, providing him with the opportunity to join the Orangefield Independent School District as Assistant High School Principal. Over the next 18 years he would also serve as High School Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and as Superintendent of Schools for the District. By the time Stephen Patterson became Superintendent, he was responsible for more than $17 million of budget, as well as leading more than 200 employees and nearly 2000 students.

As a community member, Stephen Patterson has served on the board of Nelda & H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation, the Board of Directors for nonprofit leadership, as well as with the board for the Orange County Economic Development Corporation.

As a contributor to academics, Stephen has been published in several journals and publications. He has written extensively on a variety of topics including Cultural divides, school culture, leadership, and more. He has been a part of several educational organizations, including Friends of Texas Public Schools, Texas Association of Community Schools, and the Texas Association of School Administrators.